You have Linux or a Macintosh and you want to chat ?      no problem !

1. How to chat on LINUX

The Wine program allows you to run Windows programs on Linux (

Under ubuntu 7.10 for example you type :

  # wine install.exe


  # wine chat.exe

when it's installed.

It's as if you were under windows, moreover it's faster.

2. How to chat on MACINTOSH

For Macintosh, you need to install the Wine emulator who enables you to run Windows programs.

For that you need first to go on the site (Wine) to get the latest available sources (format tar.bz2).

Compilation of Wine

Once you have downloaded the sources on your disk, start compilation (needs prior installation of Xcode and of pack X11 available on your Mac OS X installation DVD).

# ./configure
# make depend && make
# sudo make install

Execution of a Windows program under Mac OS X with Wine

Imagine you want to launch the program install.exe (Windows binary). You only need to type the following command line :

# wine install.exe

and then

# wine chat.exe

in the chat's directory.

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