What to do in case of alert of your antivirus ?

You can safely ignore any alert from your anti-virus when downloading software from this site, they are all false alerts.

All software available on http://chat-webcam-samuro.com since 2003 (!) has been developed by Marc Samuro. He can therefore guarantee you that it is safe for your computer. None of it needs administrator rights during installation.

If necessary, disable your antivirus before installation. After installation, right-click the shortcut on your desktop and look in which folder the software was installed (normally for the chat it is C:\CHAT.xxx\ and for planet it is : C:\USERS\your-pc-name\APPDATA\ROAMING\PLANET3D).

Add this folder in the exceptions of your antivirus before reactivating it.

If Windows SmartScreen gives you an alert when you click on the .exe, click Additional Information and Run anyway.

What you can do furthermore is complain to the antivirus provider that it generates false alarms and give them the link of this site or the .exe!

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